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What I’m up to right now

Much like everyone else at this time (hopefully), I’m staying at home as much as possible due to COVID-19. I’m a homebody normally, so it hasn’t been too bad, but it’s still been hard not being able to just go somewhere whenever I feel like it. I’m lucky to have my girlfriend and pets to spend my free time with.


Since Amanda and I have been staying in more lately, we’ve been cooking a lot more. It’s been fun to explore all of the cookbooks she has and cooking up dishes that I wouldn’t have tried to do on my own. I also successfully started a sourdough starter again. But, I let it die due to negligence. I’m hoping to get one going again. I really want some homemade sourdough bread, dammit!


I’ve been trying to keep busy with work. Things are going well with my part time job at the web development company I work for. We were all working from home, and it was awesome. Though, now we’re starting to come back to the office, which I don’t really like. The recent bump in COVID-19 cases has me worried about getting out of my home more than I need to.

I’m trying to stay busy with my own business. I finished up a big (for me) project with the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I plan to add it to the Modinfinity website at some point because it was a fun one.

Side Projects

I’ve put some projects on the back burner, notably the CRM that I’m currently building and a web app to help with some CBT techniques. Due to a change in direction in my life, I don’t have as much time for side projects, but I am toying around with an idea to make managing WordPress plugin updates easier for people who manage a lot of websites.


This website, as of this writing, is brand new! So, content-wise it’s bare. I have a bunch of ideas for stuff I want to write about. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I’m really excited that I’ve managed to get things moving forward.

I’m also working on a redesign of the Modinfinity website using Statamic as a CMS. The current one is built with Gatsby and sourcing its content from WordPress. I like it quite a bit, but Statamic looks like a really cool CMS so I’m excited to build something with it!