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What I’m up to right now


Later last year, I started working full time at the web agency I’ve been at for nearly eight years. I had been working there part time for the past couple years while doing some freelancing. I absolutely loved it, and I think working for myself is in my future again, but I decided I wanted a more consistent paycheck. Especially with the whole COVID-19 pandemic and all. I also have a major life change coming up this summer, but more on that later 😁.


I’ve been getting more of an urge to code more in my spare time. I have a couple of apps that I’m working on for myself. I’m trying to keep all the coding I do during non-work hours designated for fun personal projects.

Earlier this year, I bought a Nintendo Switch and I am loving it! Recently, I’ve been playing Monster Hunter: Rise. My friends and I played Monster Hunter for hundreds of hours in high school, and after being away from the game for a number of years, I am having an absolute blast.

I’ve been slacking on my reading as of late, but currently I’m reading The Power of Habit and Memories of Ice.

This “Now” page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ nownownow project.