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What I’m up to right now


I moved to Texas! San Antonio to be specific. The opportunity came up quick, but it felt right and I was ready for some change. I’m hoping to write up a blog post about this soon to document the process and share my feelings about moving out of a state I had lived in for all 30 years of my life.


I’m taking a bit of a break from spending a lot of my free time coding. I’ve been feeling a bit of a burn out, so I’m just using my coding skills for work now. I’m starting to spend more of my free time reading now. Specifically, I’m getting into fantasy. I just finished reading Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson. I absolutely loved it! I’m going to divert from the series and read Hyperion by Dan Simmons before continuing on with Memories of Ice. Feel free to check out the other books on my bookshelf! I’m also trying to pursue some other outlets for my creativity. I’ve been wanting to write something in the realm of fantasy, so I may start doing that.

This “Now” page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ nownownow project.