Hi! I’m Jake. I’m a software developer based out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Software Development

I’ve been working as a software developer for over 10 years now. I started my career off as a mobile app developer (Android) and have transitioned to primarily working as a web developer. My current role is a developer at a SaaS company in the hospitality industry.

I’m more of a generalist who is interested in a wide variety of tech. Outside of work I like to use Elixir and I’m getting back into mobile development for iOS using SwiftUI.


Camping and hiking was my favorite thing to discover in my twenties. I try to get a few long weekends in every year and disconnect from everything. Some of my favorite places have been the Black Hills, Nebraska National Forest (ya, there’s one in Nebraska), Indian Cave State Park, and more recently the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.

Let’s Connect!

Want to chat about tech or the outdoors? Feel free to connect with me!