My name is Jake. I’m a software developer based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. I recently moved here from San Antonio, Texas. I primarily work in web development, though now I’m pursuing an interest in native iOS development.


I’ve been working as a software developer for the better part of a decade now. While going to college, I got a job as mobile app developer (Android) building native apps for multiple clients, including the USDA. After a few years I transitioned into web development and hit my stride. After a previous job, though, I have gotten excited about mobile development again specifically for iOS with SwiftUI.


Camping and hiking has been my favorite thing to discover in my twenties. I try to get a few long weekends in every year and disconnect from everything. Some of my favorite places have been the Black Hills, Nebraska National Forest (ya, there’s one in Nebraska), Indian Cave State Park, and more recently the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.

Jake and Amanda on their wedding day standing in front of some mountains in the San Juan area of southwest Colorado.
My wife and I on our wedding day in Colorado.
A rough, rocky trail road in the Black Hills surrounded by trees
I took the chance to drive my (new to me) 4Runner down some rough trails in the Black Hills.
Jake and his friends on the top of Mt. Bierstadt
My friends and I (center) at the top of Mt. Bierstadt in Colorado.

I love animals

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved animals. One of my favorite jobs was in college when I worked at a vet clinic as a caretaker.

My girlfriend has a dog, Stella. We recently adopted a cat together, named Albus:

Albus, a white domestic short hair cat, and Stella, a German Shepherd mix relaxing on a car ride during a sunny spring day
Albus (left) and Stella (right) enjoying a short road trip.

Get in touch!

If you want to reach out, chat, or work with me feel free to reach out! I love to hear from everybody and do my best to respond to everyone.