52 Weeks of Data Science - Week 1

First week back in the saddle. R for Data Science and public data sets.

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This past week felt like a bit of a false start. I made the last post ready and raring to go, but wound up getting sick and being busy…

Despite all of that, I was able to make some progress! I continued on with r4ds, reviewing what I previously went through and looking at what was new in the second edition. I started back in with Chapter 9 and which deals with the foundations of the transformations that go into making plots. I had gotten up to this point around a year ago, so I picked up where I left off and started learning about facets.

While health data has been what I want to prioritize, I did find a nice data set regarding federal student loans that I’m going to work with. I think it will be interesting to take some of what I’m learning in r4ds and apply it to this data.

I’ve also been looking at incorporating Quarto into this blog to show some of what I’m learning in more detail.